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Minimally Invasive
Anti-aging Services

Our approach to minimally invasive anti-aging services will refresh your skin and bring out your natural beauty with our state-of-the-art modern medical aesthetics and wellness services.


We Specialize in Injectables that Restore Your Youthful & Natural Looking Skin.

Smooth and soften fine lines and prevent future lines. These neuromodulators will transiently relax and soften muscles that cause wrinkles in the face and prophylactically treat new wrinkles from forming. This treatment will mildly lift brows, soften frown lines, alleviate the look of tired eyes, slim the lower face, and firm the neck. 


  • Dysport – $13/unit
  • Botox – $14/unit


Minimal bruising possible.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Excessive Sweating Treatments

Hyperhidrosis is most commonly known as excessive sweating and dramatically affects a person's quality of life.  It can be embarrassing and socially isolating, we are here to help.
Botox or Dysport, associated mostly for cosmetic reasons, is very effective for injections in the axillary area.  The neurotoxin injection blocks the nerve signals that cause the sweating, which stops the sweat glands from producing too much sweat.  The results last typically longer than cosmetic injections and can last on average up to 4 to 6 months.


  • $1200 per treatment
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Dermal Fillers

Instant Skin Restoration & Smoothing Results

Dermal fillers are a simple and effective way to restore a youthful, lineless look by softening fine wrinkles and lines, sculpting cheeks, and restoring volume in the chin and lips that is lost with age.

Most dermal fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule found in the body, but it depletes as we get older. Hyaluronic acid binds to moisture and helps to maintain plump, hydrated skin. We only use Restylane Hyaluronic Acid FDA-approved products for volume restoration. 

Cheeks: Filler is used to add volume to areas of volume loss, and lift and contour the cheeks.
Chin: Add facial balancing to your face by using filler to contour and define the chin.
Lips: Add filler to the lips to create volume, correct asymmetry, and enhance natural beauty.
Jaw Line: Improve the shape of the jawline by adding filler to create a more sculpted, defined, and contoured look.
Tear Trough: Add volume to the under eye to correct hallowing.
Fine Line Eraser: Add a sprinkle of filler to help erase any bothersome areas of fine lines and wrinkles seen around the mouth or smile lines.


  • Tear Trough-$1400
  • Jaw Line-$1400+
  • Cheeks-$1400
  • Chin-$750
  • Lips-$750
  • Lip Refresh: $400
  • Fine Line Eraser-$750


Up to two weeks of bruising is possible.

PRP/PRF-Under Eye Treatment

Softened fine lines, brighter skin tone and texture

This procedure is our signature treatment for the dark and hollowing of the delicate area under the eye.

PRP/PRF, or also known as liquid gold to us at Remedy, is the perfect way to utilize your own blood to stimulate collagen growth within the body. During a PRP treatment, your own blood is drawn, processed in a machine called a centrifuge and then used for treatments such as a vampire facial (PRP with skin pen) or used in hair restoration as well. There are many benefits to utilizing PRP during a treatment. PRP can be used to stimulate hair growth, diminish fine lines and scarring and even improve sexual function.

When adding PRP or PRF to your treatment here at Remedy, you will see amplified results due to the growth factors in your own blood.


  • $1700 /package of 3


Swelling/potential bruising 3-5 days.

Sculptra Aesthetic

The New Age of Anti-Aging -Correct shallow to deep lines and wrinkles

Say goodbye to smile lines and other wrinkles! Sculptra Aesthetic is a poly-L-lactic acid biostimulator that replaces lost collagen. Sculptra aesthetics has been used in medicine for decades. The new collagen structure provides a foundation that gradually restores the look of fullness from shallow to deep facial wrinkles that have been depleted over time. A full treatment of Sculptra Aesthetic (an average of two to three injection sessions over a few months) can last up to two years. Depending on the degree of collagen loss we typically use two vials per session.

3 sessions and will see results in 3 months.

How Sculptra Aesthetic works and why we need it

It works within the deep dermis to replace lost collagen.  Collagen is the most common protein in the body and helps support the skin’s inner structure. After the age of 20, the dermis layer produces 1% less collagen each year. In our thirties, the transfer of moisture from the dermis to the epidermis is slowed and fat cells begin to shrink.  Resulting in the skin looking dull and thin.  By the time we reach our forties, our collagen is reduced dramatically.  Advance to the fifties and we had more skin dryness, a decrease in size of sebaceous glands.


Here is where there is a bit of a wait of up to 3 months to see results.  However, the results can last longer and up to 2 years!


  • $900 /per vial

    2 vials per session is typical ($1800 per session)

    Most patients will need 2 to 3 sessions

    Results last up to 2 years


    Our facials are great for a variety of skin needs including acne + oily skin, rough and dull skin, or anti-aging benefits.

    Each facial will help tighten and exfoliate the skin while using a unique combination of medical grade ingredients to renew and revive the skin. You will leave with your skin feeling refreshed and glowing.

    Lay back and enjoy 60 minutes of relaxation, facial steaming, facial and upper body massage and leave feeling renewed and ready to take on the day. Your AP Esthetician will customize your facial for your own specific skincare needs.

    We offer Anti-Aging, Acne-Oil, Stimulator, Mama Glow Up, Hydrating and a Gentleman’s Facial.


    • $199


    There is no downtime!


    Lower Chin Treatment

    Kybella is an injection used in adults to improve the appearance of fat below the chin (also called “double chin”). This injection destroys fat cells in the treatment area.


    • $600 /per vial

      Typical treatment requires 2-3 vials

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      Remedy Medical Aesthetics & Wellness™ is a medical aesthetic specialist, anti-aging, and restorative clinic that elevates the health and wellness experience for women and men. We specialize in all the things healthy people want and need out of their healthcare and lifestyle to restore beauty from the inside out.


      Get in touch with our team of medical aesthetics and wellness specialists.

      We offer free Express Consultation to discuss your skin and facial anatomy to Comprehensive Anti-Aging Consultation where we will create a custom skincare treatment plan tailored just for you.

      *Many Anti-Aging services cases can be done the same day as your consultation.

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